fisherman crosses rocks at sea point
reflecting fish in cruel pond
building reflected in mouillie point rockpool
rock pool reflection of sea point
reflection of buildings on beach rd mouille point, Cape Town
man walking opposite sabc building beach road seapoint
reflection of fynbos on table mountain by Nick Ashby of Cape Trekking
tree reflected on rock pool - in nature's valley
reeds and water plants at Cape Point
reflection of reeds & sky
reflection of burnt fynbos after 2015 silvermine fire
early morning reflection of dam wall on Table Mountain
reflection of sea point and lion's head
couple walk to Graaf's pool Sea Point
cederberg landscape reflected and pebbles pooled at the bottom
midwinter leafy reflection on water
indistinct reflection of two men in sea point rock pool
silhouette of man in still water
frog basking in Table Mountain stream
reflection on fishpond
reflection of man at a Sea Point rock pool in Cape Town
refelction of fynbos Table Mountain Cape Town

(c) Nicholas Ashby.