Someone's Going to Get Hurt by an e-bike  - or a pedestrian



Occasionally e-bike users fly along the city's (lamentably underused) cycle lanes, and which are mainly used by pedestrians in Green Point. Unless there is an enforced e-bike speed limit in Cape Town the chances of an accident happening are high.


Night scene of City of Cape Town bicycle lane, Somerset Rd, Green Point, illustrating the article: e-bike speed limit Cape Town
Bike lane, Somerset Rd, Green Point


Currently it is difficult to find out what the pedal-power speed-limit rules are. If there is an e-bike speed limit in Cape Town, why is it difficult to find?


If there is no e-bike speed limit in the city, shouldn't the Cape Town City Council adopt the EU's 25 km/h speed limit on Cape Town's bike lanes. To follow the USA’s 32 km/h limit, or the crazier Indian or Swiss' 45, would push up our casualty rate.


Pedestrians use bike lanes.

Most pedestrians prefer to walk not on the dedicated foot path, but along the bike lane. This will surely cause injury one day.


- The Cape Trekker 

(This is an aside to the article on e-bikes in Cape Town: Need a recharge? - Just apply brakes)