What to bring when hiking Table Mountain & other considerations

Physically challenging to hike, mountains can become hostile environments.

As your guide I carry first aid stuff, extra water, and a few other things to make the hike more enjoyable and as safe as possible.

Lions Head visible on hike with qualified hiking guide Nick Ashby
from the Pipe Track

For the same reason, on a day hike it is important that you know what to bring when hiking Table Mountain.


please take:

  • a strong pair of walking shoes with soles of good grip,
  • at least one litre per person of water on a half day hike; two litres for a full day,
  • a warm top & a rain-proof jacket. Even hot days can turn cold fast,
  • sun protection, like a hat, and high UV-factor sunscreen cream. Personally, I prefer light-colour, low-weight, long-sleeves and long pants. The summer sun is a real threat.

Please note:

  • tight clothes such as jeans restrict movement; clothing of dark fabric retains heat.

Mountain activities increase risk significantly. A qualified hiking guide can help minimize the chance of potential danger, but up in remote rocky terrain we get unusually exposed.


Before starting the walk you will be asked to sign an indemnity form.

     E M E R G E N C Y   N U M B E R S

  • Ambulance: 101 77
  • ER 24: 084 124
  • Table Mountain/San Parks Hotline: 0800-00-44-24
  • Table Mountain National Park Hotline (Mountain Security/Crime/Wildfires): 086-110-6417 
  • Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR)/Metro Rescue Control Centre: 021-937-0300
  • Disaster Risk Management: 080-911-4357 or 021-480-7700