Cape Edgings

fynbos water

Some un-manipulated single shots taken in the Atlantic Ocean's inter-tidal zone, Table Mountain's streams & dams and other Cape waters. They show both surface reflection and reveal what lies beneath.   


Among the most aesthetically satisfying images here reveal 'pure' nature on both planes. These were taken in places undisturbed so far by human activity.


The most edifying shots often mirror humans and their constructed world; the layer below is of what remains of the natural environment - with its watery atmosphere a buffer-zone of precarious protection.



Twelve Apostles

red table mountain disa




.parliament DSCN2493S1.JPG



cederberg reflect



An oil spill on a nearby road. Cleaners were using strewn sand and chemicals to mop it up, and were washing the waste down the storm drain. Channeled about two hundred meters down to an outlet on a nearby beach, it then spewed from a pipe into the sea. This was a popular swim spot that people jump into from granite boulders, and nearby home to the most beautiful anemone beds I know.

I calmed my frustration at this by going over and staring into the as yet uncontaminated water of the nearby tidal pool. It was one of those rare windless days. Its crystal clear water was mirror-smooth. On its surface floated a dead butterfly. I took a picture of it. When I got home I flipped the picture upside down. This way seemed an interesting rendering of our world conjured beneath a strange though not entirely unfamiliar sky.


The first.