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I'm a fully qualified and registered guide. It wasn't my first job, though. I worked as an actor for ten years, having studied drama at UCT. When my wife and I planned to take a year off acting to travel, it turned into seven.

During that time we became English teachers. I've taught in Egypt, Russia, and then Taiwan. We became parents in the USA, and studied Mandarin.

Trekking in Nubra Valley Ladakh

We hiked and trekked wherever we went.

goatherds and charges Annapurna circuit

Since back in South Africa in 2005 I have published a novel, taught more, as well as kept guiding on my old favorite, Table Mountain, first explored as a boy scout, and other hiking trails around the Cape.

Those days prepared me for places like the Cederberg, Fish River Canyon, Jebel Mara, and the Himalayas (the two pics above).

In Cape Town's unique city & wilderness environment one can roll out of bed and be up Table Mountain within an hour and a half. But that doesn't mean one can let one's guard down.

The summer sun, slant of the slope, plus Indian and Atlantic Ocean weather systems that roil Table Mountain and the Cape of Good Hope, make for tricky trekking. Various factors can change quickly. Do plan carefully. It's my pleasure to help.

Nick Ashby Cape Trekking hiking guide

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Nick Ashby by Anita Wennink