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flecks of foam pattern Table Mountain stream water with fynbos reflection

April 2018

A brief history of Cape Town's early laundry workers at the Platteklip Stream & creation of its Wash-houses.

Early Cape Laundry Worker

The Wash-houses on Platteklip Stream are now a unique National Park guest house close to the heart of the city. What social forces led to their creation? 

7 Feb 2018

Red Disa Season

Red Disa on Table mountain

The Red Disa,  the Cape's iconic flower currently in bloom, thrives only in certain high mountain conditions  Read on here ...

5 Feb 2018

Update: Crime on Table Mountain

Although there's an alarming rise in recent incidents, there are still places in Cape Town to hike in relative safety. No hiking guide in their right mind would knowingly go into risky territory. But on any mountain safety is never guaranteed, even if you avoid the obvious, or even vaguely possible hot-spots.  However, some of the nicest hiking areas are not among them.

17 January 2018

Drill Baby, Drill: The Mother of all Problems

There will be an impact on the local environment from the various plans to stave off the water supply crisis. Desalination produces excess salt. With tapping into the aquifer the water-table will surely drop, with the high ground possibly hit first - meaning Table Mountain.   The impact will not just be on biodiversity, but possibly on the availability of fresh food. It's an unenviable task for Cape Town's leaders. Read more here.

15 January 2018

Crime on Table Mountain

Crime on the mountain needs to be dealt with urgently. Read more here ...

3 Jan 2018

Holly's Rescue

On Lion's Head a young adopted dog's enthusiasm for the walk got the better of her, leading her to danger and in need of rescue. She spent the night half way down a cliff on a precarious ledge, with her carers worried for her safety.

28 DEC 2017


An Eland at the Gantouw Project, Cape Town

The Eland, an iconic Cape species, whose cultural significance stretching back into Khoi San culture, is experience a revival. An environmental & training programme, the Gantouw Project, has re-introduced them to the city.

October 2017


Post fire: insect Survivor & Floral Thriver

Nigh shot of Table Mountain's Twelve Apostles on fire October 2017

Cape vegetation needs periodic fire. Historically they started naturally - often by sparks formed in rock falls; or lightning. The land evolved this way long before humans turned fire into a technology. 

Nowadays humans start most veld fires. 

It's unknown how the fire started on Table Mountain's western flanks in October 2017. 

Here are some thoughts and pics of the devastation taken in the weeks following that blaze


Woodhead Reservoir & The Table Mountain Dams

reflection of Woodhead Dam Wall, Table Mountain

Cape Town's early water issues. The creation of the dams on Table Mountain.


Flat Top

Hiker on Devil's peak above a sea of cloud, Table Mountain in the distance

 My take on the story behind the Table Mountain's shape, like the iconic landmark itself, is still evolving.



Refection of man and anemone in a Cape Town rockpool

Notes on the Cape's traditional medicine trade


Some invertebrate beings

praying mantis on someone's hand at Kirstenbosch

Cape mountain insects


Nature's Great Gap-Takers feeling the Squeeze  

Illustration of a Cape Baboon

 The Plight of Cape Town's Baboons


The Mountain's Limbless Reptiles

Table Mountain Berg Adder

A rare sighting of an adder. But which sort?  See the video here.

21 Table Mountain Maps

to help better understand Cape Town

Mountain Mystery

On an early scramble - this shoe. There was no-one ahead of me ...  

Woman's Pump shoe found on Table Mountain trail with Lion's Head in background

flecks of foam pattern water in a Table Mountain Stream