surface deep reflections


fyn-montane rock

overberg pool reflection

Planet Pock

detail of Sea Point Contact

cape contact

maiden's cove flipped

rock maiden


images found on water surfaces of Cape mountain & seawater pools.

dog in fynbos

Fyndog, bos

camps bay twelve apostles

2 Apostles

water reflection

2 bosfrogs

disa gorge reflection

deep disa

Saunders pool

lockdown deep

Saunders Tidal Pool Bantry Bay

Saunders Rock, man

beacj road sea point reflections

follow me home

kogelberg reflected

palmiet koggelberg

krom river water fynbos

krom rivier cederberg

... just when you think it safe to ...

upper disa gorge reflection nicholas ashby photography

... go back into the fynbos

woman playing on saunders rocks reflected

airball & granite girl

False Bay train reflected in tital pool

... all the hits therein convieved ...

girls legs and starfish sea point cape town

stars girls

Greenpoint urban park

urban lilly-pads

upper disa frog

the cape-floater

green point reflection

wetland section one

mountain's reflection and rock

cape fold (detail) section two

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